Sunday, February 16, 2014

South African capoeiristas visit UK for 13th annual Batizado!

 Now well into the new year we thought it was high time to reflect on the Trust's activities of 2013! The culmination of which was the visit from three capoieristas from the South African groups to the UK for the annual Batizado (capoeira grading ceremony and workshops) in December. Oxford and London capoeiristas welcomed the three friends from South Africa: Beija Flor, from Hamburg and Zumbi (from Hamburg but now in Cape Town) who brought new student Mandibula from the Abolicao Cape Town group he has developed and led while at university there.

 The Batizado weekend kicked off with a high-energy workshop given by Mestre Biscuim at Abolicao Synergy in London. The synergy crew then headed up to join the rest of Abolicao in Oxford for a great acrobatic workshop with Mestre Israel. On Saturday morning we had a workshop by Professor Cobra where we learnt some unusual new take-downs, followed by the Troca de Cordas. Saturday nights’ party went off in fine Brazilian style, with a forro class beforehand, and an extra special ‘zumba-Bahia’ lesson from CM Negao! More capoeira followed on Sunday for everyone to polish off their skills.

 However – no rest for our visiting capoeiristas, as they had another two weeks of training, visiting and learning ahead.
Zumbi and Mandibula spent time with both groups and visited several other capoeira clubs, culminating in a workshop given by Zumbi to show the London group some new moves. A great learning experience, the wealth of which they will share with their capoeira community back home.

This exchange was a great example of what the Abolicao trust can inspire – Zumbi has moved to Cape Town to study, and has now set up a successful new Abolicao group. Zumbi and Mandibula were successful in raising their travel funds independently, setting up a givengain website and petitioning for funds from their university. 

The Trust also supported with Batizado and living expenses while in the UK, and organised accommodation and activities during their stay. 

Zumbi says:
"Great! Three capoeiristas from South Africa attending UK Batizado. Best hospitality and support ever we've got from members of Abolicao. Relations between Abolicao Trust and Cape Peninsula University of Technology. We couldn't attend the funeral of our icon leader Nelson Mandela but Abolicao was there to comfort us."

A huge thanks goes to the many people in the UK groups who took the time to welcome the visiting capoeiristas and make them feel at home. What a wonderful international Capoeira community! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Having fun raising funds!

Last weekend we held a fantastic party in London, raising £580 for the Abolicao Trust!

Group members from Abolicao Synergy did all the organising and preparation, which included putting up lots of colourful carnival decorations and a piñata full of goodies, as well as applying beautiful glitter and jewels to faces throughout the night! Highlight of the evening was the chance to win some incredible raffle prizes, kindly donated by London and Oxford capoeiristas, including: a silver ring, a therapeutic body massage, a samba lesson and a one day ‘gardening experience and tuition’!

And of course, no capoeira party would be complete without squeezing in an impromptu roda - filling the room with good vibes and plenty of axe!

A big thanks goes to everyone who helped out, and came and partied with us, especially Anna (Princesa) from Abolicao Synergy, who put lots of time and effort into organising.

Most importantly we raised an incredible £580 to support students at the Hamburg project in South Africa.
So THANK YOU all, and if anyone else has any fundraising ideas, please get in touch on - we would love to hear from you!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Off to a busy start...

2013 has gotten off to a busy start for The Abolicao Trust! What have we been doing…?

Brazilian Beats
Our springtime fundraising drive was kicked off with a BRAZILIAN PARTY on 9th March. Hosted by our good friend Fernando’s Café in the centre of Oxford the party drew in people from far and wide to enjoy an evening of Brazilian music DJ’d by Contra Mestre Luis Negao and with a special guest appearance from Mestre Biscuim for samba. A fun evening was had by all and over £250 was raised for the South Africa Batizado. Big thanks to Esquiva from Abolicao Oxford for the help in organising.

Abolicao South Africa V Batizado, Troca de Cordas

Easter this year was all about Capoeira! Contra Mestre Luis Negao visited Hamburg for 10 days with a select group of 5 UK Capoieristras, 3 returning to visit their capoeira brothers and sisters and 2 just starting their capoeira journey.
As always the visiting group were warmly welcomed by the people of Hamburg. Throughout our trip this year the growing maturity of the group was shining through, with a welcoming braii, an awards ceremony and for the first time guests from Cape Town making Hamburg the place to be in capoeira in South Africa!
As last year, CM Negao visited Lovers Twist with 2 UK capoeiritras to see the good work Tigre has been doing at the after school project run by The Keiskamma Trust, half an hour from Hamburg. The kids there showed immense concentration, with kicks flying high. Capoeira just keeps expanding in Hamburg, with hopes this year to establish another class in Mgababa, another after school project nearly an hour from Hamburg.

10 days was not enough to fit in everything, we had a very busy time, enjoying rodas on the beach, daily workshops developing strength, flexibility and of course, new moves. With a smaller group we were able to spend lots of time getting to know each other and sharing capoeira skills.

The highlight of the trip was of course, the Batizado, held over a very rainy weekend, this did not deter the group! Children were picked up from their homes which are mostly a half hour muddy walk away. We were very pleased for the Lovers Twist group to join us on Batizado day for a second year, even though the bus got stuck in the mud. And a first for this year, 2 students of Zumbi’s from the Cape Town group came to join in and were welcomed into the group with their green belts.

The Batizado was followed by an awards ceremony, entirely organized by the group. At the beginning of the day we wondered how this would go with no PA equipment, but as if by magic, through all the rain after a very busy Batizado day we arrived in the evening to find a sound system and microphone. Awards were handed out for the most motivated, best at music, best newcomer... Awards were interspersed with music and dancing from the community and Kieskamma music academy. It was an evening showing the true spirit of Hamburg.

All in all the visit was very successful, if only a little short. We are very pleased to see the group developing their organization and spreading further. The quote of the trip for this year has to be, from Tigre, the Hamburg instructor,

“We must be pioneers of our future, not prisoners of our past”

I think, that says it all, and can apply to us all. Boa!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Greetings Blogoeiras!!

Here's a little bit of internal Abolicao Trust news to keep all our followers in the loop!

**********************NEW TRUSTEES

Before introducing the new faces, I'd like to thank Ben Johnson for all of the work he has put in over several years as an outgoing Trustee. He has helped on projects from international exchanges, to Brazil trips and media, as well as all the regular goings ons of the Trust - THANK YOU!!!!!

We are very excited to reveal our new, fresh faced and enthused Abolicao Trust Team...

May Fada Atkinson

Bella Viola Obi
Kat Morena Carpenter


Continuing existing Trustees...

Tom Mosketeiro Georgiou


 (picture to follow!)          (picture to follow!)
Suzetta Onca Youngs     Linda Fiu Llonqvist

These are indeed exciting times, and with a bit more (wo)man power onboard, we are hoping to push the Abolicao Trust into new and exciting organisational levels

**********************HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED

Best of all, it is now easy to get involved. Our current vision is for a fundraising drive into the Spring of 2013, which will be helping towards putting on an exciting trip and Batizado (grading ceremony) for the project in South Africa!!

Contact any of the trustees directly, email, or add your commments to this blog if you want help getting your fundraising ideas off the ground!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A great year for the Trust!

2012 has been a busy year, here are a few things that have been going on...

Marathon fundraising events

 In April three brave capoeristas from Abolicao Synergy London – Viola, Coringa and Mez ran a half marathon in Buckinghamshire to raise funds for the Abolicao Trust.  They did a fantastic job, raising a hugely impressive £1758. 56 to support the group in Hamburg. Amazing work - well done guys!

In November, the Trust held a Saturday morning Roda and cake sale in Oxford. Capoeiristas, friends and parents from the children’s group came to play / watch the roda and eat some delicious home made cakes. A fantastic £250 was raised for the Trust and a lovely time was had by all... I’m sure this won’t be the last cake related activity we hold!


The beginning of the year saw seventeen capoeiristas descend on South Africa to spend ten days training with the Hamburg group, culminating in their energy-filled 5th Batizado (celebration and grading ceremony) for both the children's and adult's groups. More on this in the post below.

In December, the Trust invited Nkosomzi Speelman (Zumbi), one of the original members of the Hamburg group, to the UK for the 12th Batizado in Oxford. Zumbi has been a comitted member of the group for the past thirteen years and has gone on to set up a sister group in Cape Town where he has been at University. Zumbi spent ten days training with the Oxford and London groups, and taking part in all the workshops and grading at the Batizado. He also accompanied C-M Negao to the CNBrazil end of year Batizado, and managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing in London and Oxford. He left a very tired, but very happy capoeirista!

Exchanges like this are so important to the Trust's work, as they strengthen the connection between the groups, and keep the learning and development of skills flowing in both directions. The UK capoeiristas came home from South Africa with valuable learning, not only on what happens inside the roda, but with a new awareness and appreciation of South African life and culture. In turn, Zumbi returns to South Africa full of enthusiasm after his first trip abroad, and ready to share with the group all he has learnt during his time in the UK, so that everyone there will also be able to develop their skills and grow from his experiences.

More to come on Zumbi soon!

12th annual Batizado, Oxford

At the beginning of December, students and teachers from the UK, Brazil, South Africa and France converged on East Oxford for the 12th annual Abolicao Batizado.

As always the weekend was full of energy and workshops were given by some fantastic teachers who well and truly put the students through their paces. Everyone managed to save enough energy to have a fantastic party on the Saturday night though, part of the proceeds of which will go towards the Trust's work.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported the Trust this year - it's a really tough time for small charities like ours at the moment, so it means a lot to have you behind us. 2013 is already looking set to be another great year for the Trust so watch this space.

We are of course, always looking for new supporters, so if you think you may be able to give some time, donate or volunteer to help continue the Trust's work - we would love to hear from you! Get in touch on

Axe Abolicao!