Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Capoeira show in London Friday 10th March

There will be an Abolicao Oxford capoeira show in a club called Synergy, London Bridge, on Friday 10th of March. It will benefit the Abolicao Trust, and in addition to money granted for the performance, we will be able to promote both the charity and the groups. Watch this space for more details. Good luck to all Capoeiristas taking part!

Much Axe!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Pato and Dende gave a demonstration in St Mary Magdalen Church in Holloway Road,North London and raised £150 for the trust after Pato was contacted via Abolicao Oxford Capoeira classes at the Synergy Centre in South London.

"On arrival we were met by a large crowd of people singing, clapping and drumming, and throughout the evening the themes of Power and Oppression were explored and represented as part of a weekend of awareness-raising centred onthese issues, and relating to our society and related global issues.After a late start we played a couple of (long) games, talked about the historyof capoeira, played berimbau, sang and got the crowd to join in. We finished with another game and the whole thing was really well recieved. We promoted theTrust, and the London group, and after our "spot" we gave a little workshop too in a back room set aside as a dance space.It was really nice fun, and lead beautifully into Saturday's roda in Oxford. Keep your eyes on the message board for more London-based shenanigans, all inthe name of ABOLICAO OXFORD CAPOEIRA!!"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well done abolicao Oxford Capoeira

Well done to all Capoeiristas who went along to play at the Cowley centre this afternoon. You all helped to raise £109 in donations from kind people who generously gave to support the two projects in Brazil and South Africa. It was a really good atmosphere with lots of people watching and many spectators interested in the kids class.

A special thanks to Tuba's mum , Joan, who was great at fundraising this afternoon and for all her efforts in raising money for the Trust back home.

Much Axe!


The ABOLICAO TRUST desperately needs regular monthly donations to be able to cover the monthly running costs of the two Capoeria projects in Salvador, Brazil and Hamburg, South Africa.

If you would like to become a monthly sponsor and could afford say £5 month please get in touch......

Call Suzette on : 01865-428404

Kids class thriving!

Every Saturday morning Abolicao Oxford Capoeira actively supports the ABOLICAO TRUST by providing a kids' class at the EAST OXFORD GAMES HALL. The class, originally set up by Bailarina and Onca Pintada as a summer school, now runs weekly and is led by several students, Tuberao, Estrela and Leao. All the proceeds from this class goes to help fund the two capoeira projects in Brazil and South Africa. We encourage the kids to respect each other, interact with awareness and develop their sense of rhythm and musicality. The kids also participate in any public event to fundraise for the Trust and will be playing at the Cowley Centre this afternoon at 2pm.

The kids class is open to any kids from age 5 and above, cost £3 or £5 for two classes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News from Hamburg...

Nialla Fayers-Kerr, or Bailarina as she is better known in the Capoeira world has recently moved out to Hamburg to work with the Keiskamma Trust in the area of Heritage (not sure of her exact job title).

Excitingly for the Abolicao Trust, she's now on site to help and teach Abolciao Hamburg. Here's her latest update on how things are for the project in Hamburg:

"Things here with Abolicao Hamburg capoeira are going really well. The capoeira classes are happening every day, and there are always lots of people in every class. It would be nice to seperate the small kids from the others, and to start up an adult beginners class, but I haven't the energy as yet! (The hot weather is helping my knee though - which is good.)"

She mentions that the group raised some money rencently by performing at a cultural event in a nearby town, and is coming up with creative ways that the skills of the group there can help to raise more funds. She is hoping to take a couple of the group with her on a trip to a batizado in Cape Town, and there is a possibility of taking 2 of the more experienced capoeiristas to Salvador, Brazil to visit the sister project there this summer.

It's exciting to hear all that's happening, and we hope Baila will be keeping us up to date as often as possible!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Fund raising event at the OXFORD COWLEY CENTRE Saturday 25th February

This Saturday the ABOLICAO TRUST will be in the Cowley Centre to raise awareness about the two projects we are supporting. This event will include a public roda, including a kids roda to promote Capoeira and raise funds for the projects in Brazil and South Africa.

Come along , everyone welcome!