Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Greetings Blogoeiras!!

Here's a little bit of internal Abolicao Trust news to keep all our followers in the loop!

**********************NEW TRUSTEES

Before introducing the new faces, I'd like to thank Ben Johnson for all of the work he has put in over several years as an outgoing Trustee. He has helped on projects from international exchanges, to Brazil trips and media, as well as all the regular goings ons of the Trust - THANK YOU!!!!!

We are very excited to reveal our new, fresh faced and enthused Abolicao Trust Team...

May Fada Atkinson

Bella Viola Obi
Kat Morena Carpenter


Continuing existing Trustees...

Tom Mosketeiro Georgiou


 (picture to follow!)          (picture to follow!)
Suzetta Onca Youngs     Linda Fiu Llonqvist

These are indeed exciting times, and with a bit more (wo)man power onboard, we are hoping to push the Abolicao Trust into new and exciting organisational levels

**********************HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED

Best of all, it is now easy to get involved. Our current vision is for a fundraising drive into the Spring of 2013, which will be helping towards putting on an exciting trip and Batizado (grading ceremony) for the project in South Africa!!

Contact any of the trustees directly, email info@abolicao-trust.org, or add your commments to this blog if you want help getting your fundraising ideas off the ground!!!