Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you India

Many thanks to India (on the left) for working hard to produce the graphics for the Batizado at CRA in Brazil, the Batizado in Hamburg in October and the Abolicao Oxford Batizado in Oxford in November.

India has recently relocated to California but is still actively helping the Abolicao Trust with design and grapics.

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The Project at Hamburg

The project in Hamburg, South Africa, supported by Abolicao Oxford aims at providing a positive focus for the young people involved.
This quote by Falcao, who is now in CRA in Brazil, shows how vulnerable the young people are when they have nothing to do apart from hanging around and getting into trouble.
It also stresses how effective Capoeira is in building bridges in communities.

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Lots of good news from the CRA project in Brazil

For the two South African boys who arrived from the project in Hamburg, Salvador must be a very big change!

Tigre and Falcao flew to Salvador on Monday morning to spend 2 weeks training with Contra Mestre Luis Negao and 16 students from Abolicao Oxford. The first Batizado at CRA will be this Saturday and will be a day long event to reward the progress of the children who train at the project and for them to gain their first Capoeira corda (belt).

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

CRA Project in Brazil is about to have its first Batizado!

Last week Contra Mestre Luis Negao flew out to Salvador, Brazil to receive 15 students from Abolicao Oxford and Abolicao Synergy for a two week Capoeira holiday. The trip includes workshops at the Project CRA in Abaete, supported by the Abolicao Trust. The students were joined by two South African capoeiristas, Falcao and Tigre, who actively participate and lead the classes at the capoeira project in Hamburg. The two students will stay with the group for two weeks whilst participating in the 1st Batizado at CRA this Saturday.

Thanks Brookes!

Thanks very much to Brookes University Sports Department for helping to support the Abolicao Trust Kids class. These classes are held every Saturday morning at Brookes University in the new sports hall from 10-11am.

The Abolicao Trust appreciates the Sports Deparment's help in providing the use of the dojo for the kids class, as all the money raised goes to the Abolicao Trust.

Monday, July 17, 2006

£140 raised by Abolicao Oxford Capoeira

Last weekend a large group of Abolicao Oxford capoeiristas were busy fundraising by providing entertainment at the 2006 Trailwalker event - an annual fundraising event organised by Oxfam.
Lots of people took part and braved the cold (apparantly it was freezing) and raised £140 for the ABOLICAO TRUST.

Thanks alot!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Hebridean Challenge

Just to let everyone know, Alex, one of Dourado's Banbury students recently completed the Hebridean Challenge and has yet to confirm his sponsorship total, but reckons he's made over £200 also for Abolicao Trust.


Cowley Road 'Eat the World' festival

Abolicao Oxford were recently at the Cowley Road 'Eat the World' festival. It was a beautiful day for the event and the many capoeiristas playing under the hot sun to publicise not only the classes held in Oxford, Banbury and London but also giving out leaflets about the Abolicao Trust. We drew a huge crowd with lots of people asking for more information about both the Capoeira group and the Trust.

Thanks to everyone who took part to make this a hugely enjoyable event.

Abolicao at 2006 Oxfam Trailwalker event Friday 14th July

For those not fortunate enough to be going on the Brazil trip this year, read below for details on what looks to be Abolicao's largest fundraising event of the summer...We've been invited to participate in providing entertainment at the 2006 Trailwalker event - which is an annual fundraising event organised by Oxfam.

It consists of walking 100 km in under 30 hours in teams of 4 from Petersfield to Brighton. Crazy eh? The 2000 or so people taking part in this mammoth walk leave early on a Saturday morning and keep on walking day and night.... and they need a good energy boost the night before leaving, and that's where we come in...They have a big BBQ and camp out in tents on the Friday night and we will be there to provide some eye popping entertainment!

It will be a great event for publicising Grupo Abolicao and the Trust and raising lots of much needed money for our projects in Brazil and South Africa.

More news to follow.......

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Money raised at The Mill in Banbury

A big well done to all Abolicao Oxford capoeiristas who were involved in a recent Youth Dance Showcase Event held at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury.

Abolição Oxford Capoeira raised over £200 for the Abolição Trust with two performance rodas, a short film about the capoeira projects in Hamburg and Bahia, and a free capoeira workshop led by Dourado.